About Us

Kaniler Otomotiv was founded in 2001 to produce automotive spare parts by 3 brothers. Served to customers well for 17 years in Konya, Turkey. In 2018 we decided to team up with 2 experienced staff which is one in manufacturing of agricultural machines and the other in exporting / marketing. Together, ALPTAR become a brand.

Alptar started manufacturing from simple, fingerwheel hay rakes, agricultural field sprayers and fertilizer spreaders are first products. Company’s aim is to offer a new model each year and a new type of machine every two years.

Alptar also supplies various types of agricultural machines to it’s customers. Konya is a well known city with farm machines and we are able to supply quality machines with affordable prices to our customers.

Now we are operating in a 1000 sqm indoor and 400 sqm outdoor area with 3 machining equipment. Please enjoy our products and keep an eye on us for updates.