Customer Service Policy

Customer satisfaction, which is a result of our products that we offer in the direction of quality understanding which is a reflection of our basic values, is of great value for us. As Alptar we are trying to improve our customer service processes everyday in order to provide the best service to our customers.


Accessibility: Through the various communication channels offered by our company, our customers can easily communicate complaints, information requests, suggestions or pleasures.
Information Availability: Customers can request the information they need in the shortest time and the fastest.
Quick Feedback: Answering all of our clients’ inquiries as soon as possible is one of our top priorities.
Solution Focus: We are responding quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers.
Objectivity: All submitted applications are evaluated objectively and the objectivity criterion is considered in the solution process.
Using Initiative: Employees have the power to take initiative decisions when necessary to keep our customers’ needs as short as possible and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
Auditable: Evaluation, resolution steps, status codes and results of applications made by our clients are reported and monitored
In-house information: Activities related to customer relations are shared and monitored throughout the company.
Continuous Improvement: Suggestions and considerations from our customers are carefully evaluated and used as a source for continuous improvement work.