Wood Pellet Fuel


What Is Wood Pellet Fuel

Pellet is forming all kinds of industrial and agricultural wastes and compressing them under high pressure after grinding. It’s raw material is generally wood, sawdust, chip, crust, branches and similar forest wastes, wood chips, sawdust, wedges.

In Konya, carpenters have an organized industrial area and forest wastes are quite high. Our purpose is to sue this wastes efficiently and serve to customers as wood pellet fuel.


Technical Data of Wood Pellet Fuel

Wood Pellet Fuel is efficient on all datas rather than coals. Also it is half of the price:
Calorific Value: >4.200
Waste Rate: <%2
Moisture: <%10
CO2 Release: 0
Density: 620 – 670 kg/m3

Please contact us for pricing and more technical data.